Urgent Appeal

Please help us support the children of Sunderkhal village on the edge of Corbett Tiger Reserve to travel by bus to school

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My Dear Friend,

Sanskara has been working for the relocation of Sunderkhal village on the Eastern edge of Corbett Tiger Reserve in the State of Uttarakhand in India. Currently, this village exists on forest land and is a corridor for wildlife.

After receiving reports that there had been a number of people from Sunderkhal who had been killed by predatory wildlife, we found that there was an atmosphere of fear and terror in the area; people were afraid of walking outside their homes and children had stopped attending their schools.
As a part of our community welfare programme we addressed some of the immediate problems of the local community and started a bus service to ensure that over 165 children from Sunderkhal received a safe passage to schools in the neighbouring town of Ramnagar, which is otherwise a trek of 6 – 8 kilometers each way.

Ever since we started the bus service, three years ago, the local children have been travelling to school without the fear of conflict with wildlife. However, the movement of tigers in the area continues to be a threat and the families from Sunderkhal have requested that we continue the bus service till the village is relocated.

While we are actively involved in the resettlement process of the village by working with the local community and the State Government of Uttarakhand, we humbly appeal to you to help us continue the school bus service for the children of Sunderkhal by making a donation to Sanskara Development Trust.

Your kind contribution will be greatly appreciated as it will support our work towards securing a corridor for wildlife and a better future for the people who share the landscape.

Please contact us at sanskaraindia@yahoo.com or visit our website www.sanskara.org for more information.

Yours sincerely,


Aneeta Malhotra – Tykee
Managing Trustee – Sanskara Development Trust
A letter from the village headman of Sunderkhal endorsing Sanskara’s effort towards hiring the school bus and requesting further support till the village is re located.

A letter from the village headman (Gram Pradhan ) of Sunderkhal endorsing Sanskara's effort towards hiring the school bus